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Service Charge

In order for this core to be successful, it is critical that investigators provide attribution and cost-recovery where appropriate. Accordingly, the following policies have been implemented. 

Services are available to Wistar Cancer Center members currently at the rate of $50 /hour and Non-Wistar Academic at the rate of $80 /hour for projects with less than 20 samples. For above 20 samples, 50% discount rate is applied to the labor costs. Commercial users must contact the facility to be sure services can be provided and if so, to negotiate a Commercial Services Agreement.

The user fee of SOLEXA and microarray data analysis will be estimated by the bioinformatician based on the following current rates:

Solexa Sequencing Data Analysis

Service Wistar & Affiliates* Non-Wistar Academic Commercial Note
(Image Analysis - Base calling)
$60 per sample
$160 per sample
50% discount is applied for projects with more than 20 samples
(sequence alignment to reference genome, ChIP-SEQ)
$40 per sample
$120 per sample
(RNA,small RNA-SEQ, pair end)
$70 per sample
$200 per sample
(peak calling/normalization)
$50 per sample
$160 per sample
Integrated Genome Annotations
(integration with genomic annotations)
$50 per sample
$160 per sample
Custom Programming
$50 per hour
$80 per hour

Usually, all three (primary, secondary, tertiary) analyses are required for ChIP-Seq dat. However, customers can prefer to run primary analysis only. In that case, we are providing dissected price information for better convenience.

For example, the cost for ChIP-SEQ primary to tertiary analyses will be $60+$40+$50 = $150/sample for Wistar users.

Microarray Data Analysis

Service Wistar & Affiliates* Non-Wistar Academic Commercial
2 Groups
(e.g. Control vs Experimental)
3 Groups
(Pairwise comparisons, overlaps between results)
4 Groups or more
(Time-course studies, Multi-group clustering)
Custom Analysis
(Customized figures for publication, Advance pathway/function Analysis, Special requests, Large projects (>24 hours of work) by consulting)
$50 per hour
$80 per hour

Facility personnel are available for consultation daily (9-5, M-F) and centralized resources accessed through the facility website are available around the clock (24/7).